-Hit him


"I came out tonight to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now"

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((Hey everyone, if Elizabeth owes you a response let me know, I think I have all of my threads up to date but Activity page is being it’s usual unreliable self!))

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The fool and the keeper.




Makoto turned at the sound of the voice, stepping down from the seal with shaky legs, he was always weak when he first was let out, before he wandered around, after all even if his body and soul were kept in stasis during that time, even if he was for all intents and purposes immortal, his body still was human, his muscles needed activity, his body needed sustenance, and months without those took their toll. He recovered quickly enough, usually an hour or two, but even so, it did take time.


A blankish gaze turned upon features that even in his current state he would never forget, a beauty that was nigh perfect, a beauty that was only matched by that of one other, mouth opening but only a scratchy sound coming out, dry from no drink, weak from no food, he shook his head and sighed. It would be fine, he always was, but still it wasn’t easy. Holding his hand out in front of him he made a drinking motion towards her, hoping she would understand his request for water.

Elizabeth rushed over to her beloved guest, full of excitement and questions.

Seeing the boy struggle for words, the silver-haired attendant pulled a can from one of her many hidden pockets - the item known as Yawn-b-Gone she had acquired while visiting the human school.

"Perhaps this will be of some help?"

"My, this is quite a welcome surprise," Elizabeth bounced from foot to foot "It’s wonderful to see your face again, my dear guest!"

She decided it was best not to hug Makoto until he was finished his drink.

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The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease




The Count crossed one leg over the other and lazily pulled down his tie so it hung loosely around his neck.

"Well, Philemon, you certainly know how to make one feel a few centuries younger. Pulling out all the stops for little ol’ me, are we?"

The Count lifted his glass and peered into the sunset-shade drink. “Good… I wouldn’t have anything less, especially from you.”

He gently pushed the edge of his glass against Philemon’s and smirked. “To us, then.”

"To us," Philemon repeated "And a new world full of possibilites and games to play."

He slipped an elegant hand under the Count’s red mantle as the lights dimmed around them - for a moment all the clocks’ infernal ticking melted away, and it seemed like it was just the two of them alone in the universe.

Just how it was meant to be.

> You spent a long time with Nyarlathotep

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Ai Ebihara RP blog


image         ”You say that I’m kinda difficult, but it’s always someone else’s fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe, You can count on me to misbehave”

Ai Ebihara | Persona 4 

&.     open to roleplaying with anybody 
&.     multishipping
&.    OC and AU friendly
&.     will experiment with length and format 
&.     Multishipping (no NSFW)
&.     inbox is always open for plotting/chats

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this-world-full-of-shit said:
Hello there

"Greetings," Elizabeth curtised to the detective "And who might you be?"

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yu-are-foolish said:
"Hey, Ai? You wanna join me in a day out? I'm kinda bored."

Of course - of course she wanted to be seen on the arm of the cool transfer student and have the other girls boil with envy. That stuck-up Amagi, that has-been Kujikawa - that little drama queen Yumi. She’d just love to see the look on their faces as her and Yu Narukami sailed by, hand in hand.image

But, naturally, she couldn’t let him know that.

"Tch, what do I look like to you? I’m not some rainy day activity you can just keep under your bed and dust off when you’ve got nothing better to do," Ai flipped her hair dismissively "I’m a busy woman. I’ve got things to do, and a summer wardrobe to buy. But I suppose you can tag along - if you must.”

The moon folded her arms and turned away from the silver-haired boy as if she were about to leave, as though she were not waiting on tenterhooks for his response.

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fool-at-heart said:

Ai batted her eyelashes, all coy giggles “You sure know how to make a girl feel welcome!”

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(( I’m also opening up questions and starters for Princess Elizabeth Targaryen of Dragonstone, Liz’s incarnation from a world where Westeros is completely populated with Persona characters.

She’s the cousin of King Akihiko Targaryen, first of his name.

Check out:

#Game Of Persona

for more info on this AU!))

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Ask Ai

((I’m wondering if I should start up an Ai sideblog - would anyone be interested in RPing with an Ai Ebihara?


I thought for a trial-run, I would open up my inbox today to questions or starters addressed to Ai! 

Have fun :3 ))

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